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Terahertz is the top 10 innovative technologies that can change the world


The 1st physio device in the world with

Terahertz frequency

Quantum technology

Optical quartz technology

Our human body also generates terahertz frequencies. Infants emit more, while elderly and sick people emit fewer and weaker terahertz frequencies.

The ITeracare terahertz energy beam wave – „light of life“ – can quickly penetrate the human body to a depth of 20 centimeters and causes the body’s cells to vibrate at high speed, generating heat that reaches into bone cells, driving away cold and moisture and softening any lumps.

This causes activation of the surrounding good cells. When the cell becomes healthy, the tissues and organs become healthy. When the blood cell is healthy, the circulatory system becomes smooth to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells, also to carry away the body’s wastes, toxins and bad cells.

When the meridian cells are healthy, the nervous system becomes permeable and physical pain is relieved. When our body is healthy, the immune system improves, lymph flow is smooth, microcirculation improves, prostate glands improve, metabolism is promoted. Beauty care, weight loss and skin care are achieved.

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