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The iTeraCare device is an advanced technology that will change the world!

Restore your precious health with the iTeraCare device:

Currently, people in the world are facing various health crises, which include the four of the „top ten deadliest diseases“ such as cardiovascular disease, COPD, emphysema, cancer. The statistics of the world show that 54% of the population faces the deadly consequences of these diseases. The reason why people suffer from chronic diseases is that it seems that it is becoming more and more difficult to treat diseases by natural means and that they can often only be alleviated and/or controlled by drugs.

Yet cells are the main cause of most diseases and this is associated with cellular deficiencies. The breakdown of body functions is caused by a weak immune system, clogged blood vessels, damaged and mutated cells, etc. All these are the causes of serious diseases.

Research shows that iTeraCare – terahertz frequencies – is completely safe for absorption by the human body.

The iTeraCare device is a product for a new era of health and well-being. The iTeraCare terahertz wave frequency is between the far infrared and microwave with a wavelength between 30 and 3000 microns, which is the same wavelength absorbed by human cells.

When cells are irradiated with terahertz frequencies, the energy in the human body is rapidly increased and the inert cells are activated. The radiation energy is only one fortieth of sunlight and one thousandth of cell phone frequency.

The penetration of terahertz frequency is able to reach 20-30 cm under the skin, the internal organs and bone morning, which constantly decongests and purifies the blood vessels and lymph in the body. In this way, the microcirculation is simultaneously improved, the skin is nourished, unhealthy or damaged areas are repaired, necroses are eliminated, the internal organs are healed and the cells are further strengthened.

iTeraCare is suitable for:

various inflammations

Rhinitis, pharyngitis, gastritis, gynecological inflammation, prostate, etc.

Different pains

Shoulder and neck pain, joint pain, back pain, headache, dysmenorrhea, sciatica, etc.

Various blocks

Meridian blockages, lymphatic blockages, varicose veins, diabetes and hypertension, etc.

Skin beauty

Acne, acne scars, skin blemishes, anti-aging, beauty, various skin diseases, etc.

iTeraCare is not recommended for:

Pregnant women and during menstruation

People with congenital heart defects

People with acute diseases

People with implants, open wounds and fractures

The 7 functions of iTeraCare

– Can detect blockages, inflammations and tumors in our body
– Pain, burning and tingling sensations are felt in the problematic areas
– According to Traditional Chinese Medicine: a blockage causes pain, no pain means no blockage

🎯Principle: Tera-Hertz frequency can penetrate the skin by 20-30 cm. So it can reach the bone marrow. Blocked areas will be painful.

– After using iTeraCare for a certain period of time, all abnormal or mutated cells will be absorbed and eliminated, as well as the pain will be gradually cancelled.

🎯Principle: Tera Hertz wave vibration is the same as our normal cells, abnormal or mutated cells will absorb much of the Tera Hertz energy and will be eliminated. It is recommended to drink warm water before using iTeraCare to help eliminate unhealthy cells.

– Terahertz frequency absorbs and activates cells with moderate temperature, eliminating dormant cells. After using iTeraCare, the body will feel more comfortable and energetic

🎯Principle: Normal cells absorb Tera-Hertz energy and moderately increase their temperature, dormant cells are activated.
– According to the ancient Greek father of medicine, Hippocrates, all diseases can be treated if there is a way to warm the bones.

– Daily application of iTeraCare on specific areas of the body promotes the regeneration of our cells. Terahertz frequency reduces and strengthens DNA and organic molecules and resonates with our cells, promoting self-healing.

🎯Principle:Terahertz frequency has the same resonance with normal cells, It induces and strengthens the DNA organic molecules by enhancing the self-repair body cells

– The application of iTeraCare in the lymphatic areas helps to cleanse blood impurities and the inside of the body, improve blood circulation, eliminate blood clots and soften our blood vessels. Terahertz frequencies decongest meridians, stimulate acupuncture points, purify blood and increase metabolism.

🎯Principle: Tera-Hertz wave dilates our blood vessels, reduces blood flow resistance and viscosity, improves blood circulation and prevents diseases.

– Stimulate acupuncture points, improve qi circulation, improve blood circulation and increase metabolic rate. Terahertz frequencies dilate blood vessels, reduce blood flow resistance and viscosity.

🎯Principle: Tera-Hertz frequency resonates with our normal cells, improves blood circulation, clears meridians and strengthens our body.

– Terahertz frequencies regulate the endocrine glands and protect our organs. By applying iTeraCare on our body, unnecessary body moisture will be eliminated, the acid and alkaline balance of our body will be balanced

🎯Principle: Normal cells will easily absorb the tera-hertz energy and moderately increase the temperature to warm our body, and unhealthy body moisture will be eliminated.

for on the way


This device is ideal as a companion for on the way and also for at home, for the irregular use.

Price: 499.- US$

for at home


This device should be found in every household. It is ideal for daily use at home and for the whole family.

Price: 1.497.- US$

for professionals


This device is, as the name already reveals, for the
professional use, by physio-therapists, practitioners and other medical professionals.
medical professionals. It is suitable for daily continuous use with patients.

Price: 4.990.- US$

1 iTeraCare Device per household, brings life to any home!

Certified, approved and patented by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Sinochem. The iTeraCare device can be used on anyone, including infants.

No special skills or knowledge are required. Simply blow on an area that you find uncomfortable. The iTeraCare device is used specifically for external therapeutic and physical therapy treatments.

In our small PDF to the right, we show you exactly what the treatment points are. Download the PDF and simply print it out. Just click on the image to the right!

Order now your iTeraCare Device:

This iTeraCare website is for informational purposes only. The information contained herein is NOT to be construed as medical advice. Sharing this information with your physician is useful and practical. The statements have not been evaluated by any health authority. The product is NOT intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.