The next steps to your iTeraCare device

Step 1: pay

You will of course need to pay for your Iteracare device by credit card as a first step. To do this, please click on the following link: PAYMENT (if the link does not work for you, simply copy and paste it into your browser above:

If you have opened the link, you will see the following picture (see right).

At the top you see your sponsor (in our case this is INOVIDA).

Below you now enter the purchase price:

  • 499.-$ – Iteracare CLASSIC,
  • 1.497.-$ – Iteracare PREMIUM
  • 4.990.-$ – Iteracare PRO.
Under the Remark item, please type now

1. your full name and

2. the device you want to buy or pay for.

e.g. iTeraCare CLASSIC | iTeraCare PREMIUM | iTeraCare PRO

Then click on „Confirm Submit“ and you will get to the next page (see below):


Step 1: Contact your referrer

The next steps you need to take together with your referrer. For this purpose, it is necessary to contact your recommender and confirm or inform him about your payment.

To do this, please contact your recommender directly:


Velichka Mutavchieva
Telefon: +49 6334 984573
Mobil +49 1522 8709 714 (auch WhatsApp)
Mobil-BG: +359 878867711
E-Mail info (at)
Telegram: @vitsche


Hanno Jung
Telefon: +49 6334 984573
Mobil +49 177 5320218 (auch WhatsApp)
E-Mail info (at)
Telegram: @piju66

Thank you for purchasing the iTeraCare device!